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Flamenco is a Spanish musical genre with strong, rhythmic undertones and is often accompanied with a similarly impassioned style of dance involving vigorous movements, such as hand-clapping and foot-stamping. Flamenco embodies a complex musical and cultural tradition.
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Whereas, in Western music, only the major and minor modes are explicitly named by composers, (except as an occasional oddity in jazz and classical music) flamenco has also preserved the Phrygian mode, commonly "Dorian mode" by flamencologists, referring to the Greek Dorian mode, and sometimes also "flamenco mode"...

Course Information

Authentic traditional Flamenco:

These classes are designed for anybody who wants to understand and play a traditional flamenco guitar.
Flamenco uses different techniques. Each technique enables optimum expression.

We will cover many essentials of flamenco including the various techniques and styles.



Rasqueos – “scratch” technique that employs the right hand.
Picado – index and middle finger techniques.
Arpegios – thumb, index, middle and ring finger techniques.
Alzapua – thumb techniques.
Tremelo - a rapid fluttering or alternating of guitar tones which gives the illusion of two instruments playing together.
Golpe – subdued style, rhythmic clapping on the guitar body.


Both individual and group lessons are available

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